Smart fitness programs for moms

We bring you safe, effective workouts for postpartum and beyond designed to repair and strengthen your body, burn fat, and, most importantly, kick your butt.


(And we leave out all the gimmicks, fad science, and photoshopped bodies.)

Featured Program

Strong as a Mother: 12 Week Total Body


Strong as a Mother: 12 Week Total Body is for newly postpartum or seasoned busy moms looking to work hard and make a change.

If the mirror is no longer reflecting a woman you recognize, or just being in your own skin feels unfamiliar, this program is here to help.

The path to shedding weight and meeting your goals starts with commitment, hard work, and patience.

Meet Jordan Musser: creator of Strong as a Mother, mama, and former member of the USAF Security Forces.

I’m An Extreme Bodybuilder.
When I Posted This Breastfeeding Pic, People Freaked.

I constantly grappled with the selfishness of extreme fitness juxtaposed with the selflessness of new motherhood, and the world had a lot to say about it.



You’ve seen the fit moms on Instagram who bounce back immediately after having a baby.
Do you want to know their secret?

Hard work. That’s it.

You need to put in the effort, the time, the sweat equity, and the dedication.

We’re not looking for the quick results that won’t stick. Crushing workouts, bad habits, and self-doubt takes time, patience, and investment. If you’re expecting to hardly lift a finger and lose 20lbs by next week, you’re in the wrong place. This is no gimmicks, no empty promises, hard-work-only fitness. This is the real deal.

I want you to know something:
you are a badass.

You're a mama, so you are already amazing and strong and capable—but are you the best version of yourself?

Are you the person you want to be, for your family and for you?

Life is not about how much you weigh, but it is about doing the things you want to do, accomplishing your goals, and going about the world feeling comfortable and happy in that body of yours. If you feel that you’ve been compromising because of your weight, or you’re just ready to feel like yourself again, you are in the right place. You’re not doing this alone!

I’ll be here cheering you on, and I can’t wait to watch you crush it.